Our mission

We manage Italy’s high voltage transmission grid, which is one of the most modern and technologically advanced grids in Europe. We have the responsibility for providing the country with energy, ensuring security, quality and cost-effectiveness over time. We are engaged in enabling the ecological transition in order to create a new development model based on renewable sources and respect for the environment.

It is a very complex task that requires a centralised coordinator with power of control over many different players. Because of this, we have dubbed ourselves “directors of the transition” and have summarised our mission into the slogan Driving Energy.



The Italian electricity grid


Terna keeps Italy running, managing dispatching, a core component of the Italian electricity system and of its role as “drivers of the transition”, which forms the Company’s mission. “Dispatching” electricity means coordinating all the players in the Italian electricity system to ensure, with high standards of quality and security of service, the balance between supply and demand, ensuring every minute, every hour, every day the perfect balance between energy produced and the energy needed by consumers.

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Terna and the art of photography

Terna has a long-standing relationship with Italian contemporary photography. In 2020 and 2021, it explored its electricity infrastructure and employees that serve the national system through images.

In 2022, it launched the Driving Energy Award, a free competition open to anyone, which invited communities of Italian photographers to submit a creative interpretation of a given theme.

Driving Energy Volume 2020 

Driving Energy Volume 2021

Driving Energy Award 2022 – Contemporary Photography Catalogue