How it works

Who can enter?

All photographers operating in Italy.
It doesn’t matter if you’re professional, semi-professional or an amateur! It’s your interest in photography that counts. Your creative eye, your passion, your inspiration. The ability to interpret reality through images, and to direct this ability towards the topic of this year’s Award.

The theme: In praise of balance

Balance is a category of the spirit. The reconciliation of opposites, an infinite and dynamic search for stability, the bedrock of our lives. It is also a fundamental category of Terna’s mission, which is responsible for ensuring in Italy, every minute of every hour of every day, the balance between electricity produced and consumed, allowing the electricity system to function at its best to supply our country with the energy it needs.  

Read more about the theme of the Award in Art. 2 of the Rules

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How to enter

Simply register on the website, following the instructions provided in the section Participate.


15 February-30 June: registration;
July-September: selection of finalists and their official announcement;
26 September: announcement and award ceremony for winners, inauguration and opening to the public of the Exhibition with the finalist Works.
26 September-15 October: Exhibition open to the public (free entry).


Register in the dedicated section and upload your photograph.

This year participants can compete in the Senior and Youth categories an also as Amateurs or students enrolled in academic institutes relevant to the Award (e.g. photography, contemporary art, visual communication, etc.).

Read more about how to participate in Art. 3 of the Rules