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Entrants must be over 18 at the time of registration and must be operating in Italy.

Applicants may only submit one photographic work; multiple submissions will result in disqualification.

All activities (and relative costs) for printing, transportation, set-up and take-down of finalists’ works that will be displayed in the exhibition will be covered by Terna. For the printing and display of works, Terna will comply with the instructions and specifications provided by the photographers at the time of registration; Terna reserves the right to modify these specifications, in agreement with the photographer and with the final decision of the Curator, according to the specifics of the exhibition spaces, the concept of the exhibition and the overall display strategy. The physical prints displayed in the exhibition will remain the property of Terna, which reserves the right to freely use them for corporate purposes or activities of TernaCult, without prejudice to the right of the photographer to be credited for their Work.

Yes, the photographic work remains the property of the photographer, who authorises Terna, without limitation, to reproduce and use the image of the Work and/or the registration documentation, in all or in part, in the context of its corporate communications, communications under the TernaCult brand, and communications concerning the Award, without prejudice to the right of the photographer to be credited for their Work. Finalists who are named the winner of one of the five prizes shall grant Terna the first signed print of the photographic work and agree that the print run shall not exceed 9 copies and 2 artists proofs.