Portraits. Portrait of a Patron

Milan, 23 March 2023, Mia Fair

“Portraits. Portrait of a Patron”

A series of meetings on the importance of investing in culture with a view to sustainable social development.

The project in which BNL BNP Paribas, as part of the MIA Fair, involved four businesses that share the mission of supporting culture with a view to social and sustainable development. The four protagonists presented their project through 10 photographs: a story in images of their commitment to the world of creativity.

Together with Giovanna Caruso Fendi for FOROF, Rosalba Impronta and Davide De Blasio for Made in Cloister, and Diva Moriani for Dynamo Camp, Michele Gaudenzi, Head of Advertising Brand Image and TernaCult, presented TernaCult’s role in cultural promotion in Italy.