Cameras on Driving Energy

The Driving Energy Award 2022 – Contemporary Photography invited photographers to provide a visual interpretation that is as broad and creative as possible of Terna’s mission (Driving Energy), drawing inspiration from the metaphorical power of driving and transmitting energy.

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The prizes

Two winners, three Terna commendations

1 Senior winner

Cash prize: € 15,000

1 Youth winner

Cash prize: € 5,000

Commendation 1

Cash prize: € 2,000

To the photograph that receives the most votes from Terna employees.

Commendation 2

Cash prize: € 2,000

To the photograph that best interprets the topic “Contemporary Normality”.

Commendation 3

Cash prize: € 2,000

To the photograph that best interprets the topic “Circularity. Ever-recurring cycles”.

All award-winning works will be displayed:

  • in the Exhibition at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Rome) in November;
  • in the Driving Energy photography book dedicated to the Award;
  • in other major European exhibitions in 2023 (judged by the Panel and the Curator);


Executive committee​

Valentina Bosetti

Terna Chairwoman
Professor (Department of Economics, Bocconi University). Senior Scientist (RFF-CMCC European Institute on Economics and the Environment). Expert in computational mathematics and Environmental Economics

Stefano Antonio Donnarumma

Terna Chief Executive Officer and General Manager
Manager in energy, multi-utility, networks, infrastructure and transport sectors. First class degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1993 and enrolled on the Register of Engineers since 1994.


Lorenza Bravetta

Consultant and curator of Photography, Cinema and New Media at La Triennale di Milano
One of the leading experts on photography in the world, she has held managerial roles in the public and private sectors, enhancing Italy's photographic heritage and the concept of photography as an art form.

Elisa Medde

Editor, curator, photography writer
One of the leading Italian critics, curators and experts on the young global contemporary photography scene, currently Editor in Chief of Foam - International Photography Magazine.

Jasmine Trinca

Actress and director
One of today’s most important and renowned Italian actresses with over 30 films to her name. An art, photography and history enthusiast, she made her directing début with Marcel!, which was recently screened at Cannes Film Festival.

Massimiliano Paolucci

External Relations, Institutional Affairs and Sustainability Manager at Terna
Several decades of experience in communications, journalism and institutional relations. He has held managerial positions in various companies including Pirelli, Telecom Italy and Acea.

Salvatore Settis

Art historian, archaeologist, academic
Curator, member of the Accademia dei Lincei and several cultural and scientific institutions, and former director, among other things, of the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa and the Getty Museum (Los Angeles).

Emanuele Trevi

Critic and writer, Strega Prize 2021.
Writer and literary critic. Photography is a central theme of his work, including as an editorial curator. He has won many awards for his works and was awarded the Strega Prize in 2021 for “Due vite”.


Marco Delogu

Photographer, editor, curator, Chairman of Azienda Speciale Palaexpo
He made his début in the world of avant-garde acting by founding the Argot theatre in 1984, which trained many Italian actors who would later obtain leading roles. He came to photography in the 1990s, first producing national and international advertising campaigns, then embarking on an independent path of aesthetic and thematic research. In the following years, he was a founder of initiatives in the field, a culture manager, an art director, and a curator

The winners

Paolo Ventura

Gaia Renis

Andrea Botto

Mohamed Keita

Eva Frapiccini