Driving Energy Award 2022 Catalogue.

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“The theme is energy: a particularly photogenic, open topic”.

By Marco Delogu

In primo piano

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Parola ai giurati! #1

“Un Premio è sempre un punto di svolta, di arrivo e di partenza…”

Di Lorenza Bravetta


Wired Italia 07.06.2022

Terna invita tutti i fotografi in Italia a catturare l’energia.

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Conferenza stampa

Conferenza stampa

Conferenza stampa di presentazione del premio “Driving Energy 2022”


Over to the judges! #5

"The shot, no rivers of words: a wonderful metaphor for how we should live our lives…" By Jasmine Trinca

Over to the judges! #4

“An Award founded on an intuition...” By Massimiliano Paolucci

Over to the judges! #3

“The theme is a great driver and builder of creativity...” By Emanuele Trevi

Over to the judges! #2

“A new experiment, a very ambitious Award...” By Elisa Medde

Over to the judges! #1

“An Award is always a turning point, a new beginning and a destination...” By Lorenza Bravetta
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Conferenza stampa

Press conference

Press conference to present the “Driving Energy 2022” Award.

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